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Technology now cleaning our rivers and waterways

Water Wheel is the brainchild of John Kelly. The Water Wheel works by funneling debris in, pushing the trash onto a conveyor belt and running the loaded conveyor belt into a removable dumpster. Specifically, Mr. Trash Wheel is Baltimore’s favorite trash collecting robotic icon. Since his installation at the Baltimore Harbor at 2014, he has picked up 420 tons of trash from the Jones Falls River (as of July 2016). Aside from this amazing achievement, he is also loved by Baltimore residents and essentially the most popular trash-picking machinery ever created.

The inventor said they are building more around the world. The fact that these floating machines are solar-paneled, water-powered trash processing plants is astounding. Additionally, the water wheel puts oxygen back in the water, helps remove organic waste and educates people about the pollution happening in Baltimore and across the globe. We look forward to more trash wheels around the globe. I sure can think of a couple prime candidate waterways that would benefit from removing trash before it makes it to the ocean where collection becomes much more difficult.


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