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By Skip Clement

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]im’s Flagler’s Tightline Productions will take you to fly fishing in Patagonia, Flagler’s home waters, or anyplace Tightline Productions takes him. Almost every week he’s got something worth tying on YouTube.  At least we think so and so does Orvis, Midcurrent and few others.

Perfection on butt.

One of the best but least used loop knots is the Perfection Loop. It is fast to tie. Tie it correctly, and it’s close to perfect because it holds fast, and is very small.  Many knots have a tendency to catch on tip tops or guides. I especially like the perfection loop at the butt section of my leader allowing me to loop the butt to the fly line. A fast, simple and small loop knot.


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