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This leech swims and catches, and floats and catches

It is almost guaranteed to get an eat by the one that got away last year

By Skip Clement

Tim Flagler’s Tightlines Productions videos, either Vimeo or YouTube formatted, are just about as good as tying instructions can get. He’s one of the best sources for practical tying instruction – easy to understand for beginner and intermediate level tiers with advanced tyers getting a reality check on not needing exotic materials to end with a new, useable fly that catches  fish.

Fishing guide Landon Mayer is also an author of five books and this slimmed down leech version capitalizes on the unique characteristics of squirrel tail – it swims floating or drift fished, and it swims great when swum.

Recipe for Landon Mayer’s Mini-Leech

Hook: Czech nymph hook (here a Fulling Mill 35065), size 14.

Thread: Black, 8/0 or 70-denier.

Underbody: Brown Holo Tinsel, medium.

Rear Body: Brown Zonked Pine Squirrel.

Front body: Black Ostrich herl.

Adhesive: Sally Hansen Hard-As-Nails. 

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