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Tips & Tactics: Another way of looking at streamer fly fishing

Kelly Galloup is the owner of Slide Inn Lodge, a full-service lodge near Cameron, Montana. The lodge sits on 1,100 feet of river frontage of the famous Madison that provides some of the finest fly fishing in Montana. The inn has a full-service fly shop, and holds fly fishing and casting schools. Kelly also guides, authored both books, DVD’s and posted dozens of how-to YouTube videos. All of the later dispel more myths about nymphing, leaders, streamers, fly rods, fly lines, droppers and myriad of other subjects including very innovative fly tying along with techniques.

In this video Kelly Galloup explains how to build short, effective leaders for fishing articulated streamers while using a full sinking 200-250 grain fly line.  It is an eye opener.


Slide Inn Lodge
150 US Highway 287 South
Cameron, Montana 59720
(406) 682-4804

NOTE: Featured Image Galloup’s Slide Inn (Cameron, MT)

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