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[dropcapW[/dropcap]e’ve all been there – fishing small ponds, seemingly impenetrable waterside brush, a narrow tidal creek, a culvert – and their it is: a redfish, a small tarpon, jack, brookie, rainbow, largemouth bass or any other animal that is serendipitously at arms reach and oblivious to our presence – sitting there, feeding there, or holding against a current. Ingenuity has taught us how to get the fly there using a sling shot method, or as the authors of this really short film call bow and arrow cast. It ain’t pretty but it works as this 20 second Vimeo shows.

Bow & Arrow Cast For Tarpon

The Fly Fishing Nation  September 2014. Filmed by Paulo Hoffmann Cuba/San Lazaro 2014

A short sequence from our hosted trip to Cuba in September 2014. Stephan Dombaj loves close quarter encounters and that’s the way he plays it  . . .

Special thanks to: Guide Fly Fishing, RIO Products, Skinny Water Culture, Solid Adventures.

[vimeo id=”109787063″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


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