The Davy Knot is a terminal knot invented by Davy Wotton of Arkansas. It’s pre-seating profile is that of a figure-8.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s most notable benefits are that it is super-simple to tie, it wastes much less tippet than a clinch knot (or any other terminal knot), it’s bulk is minimal, and for extremely small flies it has no equal. And yes, it’s strong if you tie it correctly.

  • Because the Davy Knot is so fast to tie, it’s extremely popular with tournament anglers constrained by time limits. That’s also an endorsement of the knots under-fire integrity.
  • Everyone knows that fishing still, gin clear trout water on bright days is difficult, but a no-see-um terminal knot will up your odds. Too, you can snip the tag end up close and personal to the knot – adding to the no-see-um factor which also cuts down on wasted tippet/leader material.
  • It can be tied improved for added strength, while adding just slightly more bulk.
  • We have not ‘fully’ vetted the Davy knot upwards of 15# test leader material, but so far so good: largemouth bass, redfish, snook, baby tarpon, hybrid striper, carp and channel cats with no knot failures. Many anglers report that the improved Davy Knot out performs the improved clinch and tests near 100%.

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