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The Non-Slip Loop is not widely called the Lefty Kreh Loop, but it was authored and popularized by the fly fishing legend

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s its name suggests, it forms a non-slip loop at the end of the leader. The loop connection to a fly gives it natural swimming action.

Most anglers find the Kreh Non-Slip Loop easier to tie than the similar Rapala Knot which is as equally reliable. The Non-Slip is also stronger than the Homer Rhodes Knot.

Non-Slip Mono Knot Tying

Tie a loose overhand knot and pass the tag end through the hook eye, then back through the overhand knot. Wrap the tag end around the standing end about five times and back through the overhand knot. Lubricate, tighten, and trim the end.

Image flyfishersrepublic.

Image flyfishersrepublic.


Non-Slip Mono Knot Details Origin

The Non-Slip Mono Knot is a higher strength version of the original Homer Rhodes Loop Knot where the tag end was only hitched once around the standing line. knots, Lefty Kreh,Non-Slip, Loop Knot,tying knots , mono, fluorocarbon  which he co-authored with Mark Sosin.


The Non-Slip Mono makes a very strong fixed loop in the end of the line. Because the loop doesn’t grip the lure, it makes a flexible attachment and allows a more natural action.


The Non-Slip Mono undergoes a transformation as it is tightened. The outer short-end wrapping turns become internal and vice versa.

Line Turns

  1. 6- 8-pound test 7
  2. 8- 12-pound test 5
  3. 15- 40-pound test 4
  4. 50- 60-pound test 3
  5. 60-pound test 2


The size of the loop must be adjusted while the turns are still loose. Once tightened the size of the loop is fixed.


The The Non-Slip Mono versus the Homer Rhodes Loop Knot and Rapala Knot; easier to tie and less likely to foul when seating.

Lefty Kreh discovered that the knot retains most of the line’s rated strength – so much so that in some of his tests the strand broke rather than the knot. Another advantage is that the tag end faces the hook, wrote Lefty in 2012: ” . . . so it doesn’t catch grass and other things on the retrieve . . .”


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