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Brown trout [Salmo trutta], a favorite of many trout junkies – by Thom Glace, award winning watercolorist/illustrator.

Trout musings out of the water

As a young man, primarily trout fishing the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, I listened [figuratively] to all the minutia. Ad-nauseum how-to trout tips that have been part of fly fishing since the great sport of long rods made its way to us from Scotland.

  1. Fly fishing for trouts means mostly fishing on the surface. Since when?
  2. Using studs on wade shoes is the thing. No, it’s not the thing because walking with metal studs on wade shoes is an ear-shattering ambulance siren to all nearby trout.
  3. Shadow casting is something every fly fisher needs to know – Hollywood BS from the movie A River Runs Through It.
  4. Only big flies catch big fish. Fresh or saltwater, the fly’s size can matter but not an affirmative as in ‘only.’ What matters much more is presentation.
  5. Trout bite at dawn. Not necessarily and not ‘the trigger’; it’s the water temperature. Aquatic insects are temperature driven, and their stirrings parallel those of trouts and baitfish with growling stomachs [50º-ish to almost 60º]. Imagine that.
  6. You have to know a lot of knots. No, three or four could do it with a few more for saltwater, but certainly not a ‘lot.’
Newrivergorge3fin copy

New River Gorge, West Virginia.


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