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Who profits when clean water and public health get sacrificed?

Alaska coho salmon. American Rivers image.

At no time in our history have we experienced an administration promoting the undermining of laws – reversing protections for clean water, rivers and public health


Big Sunflower River, MS

Threat – Army Corps pumping project

At Risk – Critical wetlands and wildlife habitat

Rivers of Bristol Bay, AK

Threat – Mining

At risk – Clean water, salmon runs, indigenous culture

Boundary Waters, MN

Threat – Mining

At risk – Clean water, recreation economy

Lower Rio Grande, TX 

Threat – Border wall

At risk – River access, public safety, wildlife habitat

American Rivers image.

South Fork Salmon River, ID

Threat – Mining

At risk – Clean water, salmon habitat

Mississippi River Gorge, MN

Threat – Dams

At risk – Habitat, recreation opportunities

Smith River, MT 

Threat – Mining

At risk – Clean water, recreation 

Colville River, AK

Threat – Oil and gas development

At risk – Clean water, wildlife

Middle Fork Vermilion River, IL

Threat – Coal ash pollution

At risk – Clean water, Wild and Scenic River values

Kinnickinnic River, WI 

Threat – Dams

At risk – Blue-ribbon trout stream

The battery of threats facing America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2018 would have disastrous impacts that would last for generations


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