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How to make sure all your tube flies swim upright, no matter the current or any other condition of float 

By Skip Clement

The problem of a fly rolling over on you is one of physics but there is a failsafe solution. An egg, if it was a fly, would always would flip over to the “fat” side down, no matter any effort to avoid that from happening.  Tying a hollow tube fly exacerbates the problem and curses the cause if physics is ignored.

A tube fly has to be made egg shaped. Placement of the hook upside or downside has little or no bearing on making he fly swim correctly in faster currents. Material placement on the hook shanks sides, like wings and ribbing have no effect at all.

Tie everything on the top on the hook shank and you’re good to go.

“Tie your tube flies this way [as shown in video] and that rollover problem will be a thing of the past.” Peter Charles

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