Basics of Tube Flies: Making sure that our tube flies swim upright

As tube fly makers and fly fishers, we’ve all been puzzled at one tie or another flopping overfished in fast currents. The problem is one of physics and can be cured in the tying of any tube fly, and it is a failsafe solution.

An egg, if it was a fly, and you weighted it and placed the hook on the narrow end of the egg and stripped it through the water, it would flip over to the “fat” side of the egg every time. Tying a hollow tube fly exacerbates the problem and curses the cause.

This round-shaped example, like a tube fly, will always ride in the orientation shown because it has been transformed into an egg shape by the tyer. Watch the video to see how to make a painless and straightforward tie in and solve a problem that physics causes unfailingly.

If you have ever had problems getting your tube flies to ride upright, this video is for you. Even when we think that the wing and the hook will hold our flies upright in a fast current, we can still see them roll on their sides. Tie your tube flies as shown in this video, and that problem will be a thing of the past.” — Peter Charles

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