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This grass will perk up your fly fishing game, right now

...could get a nice tan, or worse, a sunburn, but never a bonefish. No chance for a permit, and fuhgeddaboudit tarpon. Why do you think the bonefish are there in... [...]

June 15, 2018 RECENT, Slide

Not a great fly tyer or fly fisher? Go Worms! They work

...flies, they generally think of patterns imitating small shrimp, crabs, or potentially baitfish – all of which are common prey for bonefish.” “ . . . bonefish have a surprisingly... [...]

June 14, 2018 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Slide

Industry Shouts & Murmurs: June 1 – June 7, 2018

...(Former Olympian and Professional Angler), Mark Rehbein, (BTT Director of Development). BTT image. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Gordy & Sons Outfitters are pleased to announce the launch of the... [...]

June 8, 2018 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Industry Shouts & Murmurs: May 25 – May 31, 2018

...Kemp Speaks at the 2018 Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Symposium On The Bahamas Natural History Conference Blackfly Lodge owner/manager Clint Kemp on Abaco Island, The Bahamas (behind the bar). Contact... [...]

June 1, 2018 FEATURE STORY, Slide

May the knots be with you

...of which the knot is a part. When you get into bonefish, Chinook salmon, then tarpon and beyond, all your selections; fly rod and reel to the knot that connects... [...]

May 22, 2018 RECENT, Slide

Industry News: Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Report

This bonefish was just tagged, fin clipped and released in the Bahamas! We get very valuable information on bonefish habitat use from bonefish tagging. It has been instrumental in showing... [...]

May 17, 2018 RECENT, Slide

Why is permit on the menu at “hip” Miami eatery?

...kind of stuff.” But Friedman and Aaron Adams, a marine biologist and chief scientist at the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, both identified the fish as a permit. “There’s no doubt... [...]

May 15, 2018 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

Is a bountiful bonefish and permit fishery Slip Slidin’ Away?

Biscayne Bay by Evan D’Alessandro – Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. There isn’t a good reason to permit water pollution – not one. We license... [...]

May 14, 2018 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

Industry Shouts & Murmurs: Apr. 27 – May 3

Tagged Bahamian bonefish. Photo by Justin Lewis Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. BTT pays for and conducts advanced studies on the flats fishery in the Bahamas and elsewhere. Opposition urges fly... [...]

May 4, 2018 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Three casts that can save your bacon

...welcomed one. No pro who plies the waters of the flats for bonefish or riverine waters for trouts is without these casts. Belgian Cast The Belgian Cast is primarily thought... [...]

May 1, 2018 FEATURE STORY, Slide