[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the most part, I tie flies to stay occupied between reading days, writing days, fishing days and tennis days. That’s my way to keep up and save a few dollars. Do I tie really good-looking flies? No, but they catch fish (snook, reds, blues, tarpon, largemouth bass and bones when in the Bahamas or stripers on Long Island, New York).

350When offered to review a PDF of the book called Feather Brain by Drew Chicone, a fly tying book published by Stackpole, I declined. I haven’t gotten used to reading books on screen. I waited for the paperback version.

The value of this 176 page paperback book is shortcuts, idea provoking and dead-on images of just how all things tying for the salt are done.

Step-by-step tying instructions and explanations of how the author designed 14 winning saltwater flies.

Insights from nine top saltwater fly tiers, including Bob Clouser, Joe Mahler, Jonny King, Jon Cavel, Bob Popovics, Norm Zeigler, and Chris Helm.

I’ve learned more about “how-to” from this book than I have from attending classes at local fly shops or watching tyers at shows and symposiums. I never thought I’d be able to sit down and get enthralled by a book on fly tying, but I did.


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