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Industry Shouts & Murmurs: July 6 – July 12, 2018

Nathaniel Pryor Reed.

Florida loses a son, America a beacon of political responsibility, and the environment a warrior. Nathaniel Pryor Reed passes on July 11 while Atlantic salmon fishing in Canada. He was 84

Reed began his career in the family real estate business in Jupiter Island, Florida. He had deep passion and concern for the natural world which steered him toward public life.

He served six Florida governors and two presidents in numerous senior positions including Assistant Secretary of the US Department of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Nat made many significant contributions to conservation and the environment while in public service including co-authoring the Endangered Species Act.

He helped found 1000 Friends of Florida, serving both as president and chairman of the board. Along with Atlantic Salmon Federation, Nat served on the boards of many environmental and conservation organizations, including Everglades Foundation, Natural Resources Defense Council, Yellowstone National Park and National Geographic Society.

Nat is survived by his loving wife Alita, their sons Nat Jr. and Adrian, and their daughter Lia, and five grandchildren.

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Jackson Kayak – Fresh Salmon Magazine.

In Large Numbers, Fly Fishers Skipped ICAST’s Final East Coast Stand. Here We Come Denver 2019

The fly show is smaller.  Fewer attendees, and fewer exhibitors.  I think everyone is already checked out of Orlando and pointed toward Denver.

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New appointment at Bauer Fly Reels

Jeff Evans has been made General Manager of US-based Bauer Fly Reels and brings a wide range of experience to the Twin Bridges, Montana company.

His background takes in medical research, sales for large outdoor retailers and small specialty fly shops and, most recently, as buyer and business consultant for a bakery franchise.

His credentials include system design and implementation, business operations and a long-time passion for fly fishing.

“Jeff’s experience in purchasing, supply chain and general management will help direct the future of Bauer Reels,” said CEO and President Scott Forristall

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B.C.’s mines represent a staggering liability for taxpayers 

Lack of insurance. Canada, like the US, gives the extraction industry a pass on cleanup responsibility. Taxpayers foot the bills, not the polluters.

Report: The province holds only $1 billion in financial assurance against a $2.1 billion cleanup liability

The polluter pay rule sound great in theory, but, when it comes to mining operations in B.C., the often-quoted policy does not reflect reality, says a report, released Wednesday, by the Ecofiscal Commission, an independent group of high-profile economists who look for ways of increasing economic activity while better protecting the environment.

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