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SOutdoors’ picks for best reels of 2017

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Best Fly Fishing Reels 2017 – Reviews and Comparison

If a fly rod is just an extension of your arm, shouldn’t you get a fly reel that acts in the same way?

Many people think that it is okay when purchasing their fishing gear to go all out in spending money on a great fly rod, but then pinch pennies on other gear. While getting a great fly rod is extremely important, purchasing the right fly reel to match the strength and flexibility of your fly rod is equally as pivotal in securing great catches.

Sage 5200 gets high marks…

How to Choose the Best Fly Reel

When looking to purchase a fly reel, it is important to first keep two factors in mind:

  1. Fly reels should objectively function well (aka don’t buy a cheap-o reel because you found it for $10 at a thrift store).
  2. Fly reels should subjectively function well with your personal fly rod.

It’s easy to make sure the first tenant is covered, but the second is a little more difficult. Even if you pick an objectively great fly reel, you need to first make sure that it works well with the fly rod you plan on pairing it with.

So how do you make sure that a fly reel is paired well with a fly rod?

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