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Video: Tie your flies knowing what fish can see

In this video Dr. Aaron Adams, Director of Operations at Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, discusses what many fly anglers that pursue coastal saltwater gamefish don’t understand: What fish can and can’t see.

Aaron takes his Ph.D. marine biology knowledge and applies it to his fly tying and fly angling skills.

Aaron explains fly shape, fly color and fly profile. Three very valuable contributions to fish catching.

Since becoming addicted to what fish see (and hear) via The Fisherman’s Ocean (David A. Ross, Ph.D. / Stackpole) and Aaron’s book Fly Fishing For Coastal Gamefish (An ORVIS Guide), catch ratios among FLM staff has now made the scoreboard. And that’s with an admission of a few of us being somewhat five thumbed in our tying skills. Think shape.

As you can “see” we’re a little obsessed with “what fish see,” and you should become so.

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