Moving from saltwater and tarpon to freshwater and trouts is all about downsizing

By Skip Clement

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was in a hurry and had no fear of a hand size brookie breaking anything I tied, so I sort of cheated. Someone showed me the following version of the “figure 8” like knot, but it was decades ago. I have no recollection of who showed it to me, or what it’s actually called.


It’s the kind of knot that guides stumble onto without even trying

My decision to take up publication space with this knot video, or rather challenge our editor to do so, is based on my dedication to keep-it-simple-stupid.

The knot, which has no legitimate name as far as my research took me, can be tied by a newborn under the influence or using – yes, it’s that easy, and it gets the job done. Too, it slips through the guides unmenacingly and holds fast for far more than viciously tugging brookies.

Some anglers of the salt who use braid with flouro recognize the knot as an incomplete “Seaguar” knot or a Lefty Kreh hemostat knot

The videographer, Chuck Marshall, does an excellent job presenting what he called the “INFINITY,” which is more user-friendly than its cousin COMCASTIC – the peoples digital enemy.


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