[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e love this pattern. Capt. Jesse Males of Backwater Fly Fishing has created an array of patterns and killer tying videos to demonstrate tying instructions. Subscribe to Jesse’s YouTube channel for plenty of great fish catching fly recipes, like this Big Bastard Baitfish.

As Jesse describes, “The fly can be tied in and endless array of colors and allows you to mimic a variety of saltwater and freshwater baitfish. As you can see, this fly will push a ton of water and is great for big predatory fish everywhere. That fact that we use all natural materials to create this fly makes it all the more merrier! Great fly for big predatory fish. Snook, tarpon, bass, roosters, etc. “

[youtube id=”d6V_3YdFGbc” width=”620″ height=”360″] Backwater’s ‘Big Bastard’ Baitfish Fly Ingredients:
-Chartreuse Bucktail
-White Bucktail
-White Ostrich
-White Marabout
-Pearl Ice Dub
-2/0 SL12
-FL. Orange 210 Flat Wax Nylon

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