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[dropcap]J[/dropcap]im Bartelt, Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited, ties this black all marabou leech on a hook, but tying it on a tube has the advantages of being tied faster and fishing better.

All black maribou fly tied on a tube we used a #6 short shank nymph hook (more wire weight on the tube than in video by Bartelt). The hook choice is just that, a choice.

Rainy, late July day in North Georgia scorecard all Stillwater with all black marabou leech, eight crappie, nine largemouth bass and a half dozen very early releases (same fly). Nothing over 5-pounds on a Sage Bass rod (old version) with 275-grain Commando and Lazur running line – leader floating tip and a 6-foot leader with 8-pound test tippet.

This fly is soo easy to tie on a hook (shown in the video) and even simpler and certainly faster on a tube. Significant to attractor value when tying is making the tails in big, short clumps, so they’ll be “fat” – see the video.


Hook: Any size nymph

Weight: Non-lead

Thread: Black 6/0

Body: Marabou, black

Tail: Krystal flash

Head: Dubbed marabou, black

NOTE: Featured Image is Bartelt’s all black marabou leech doing its thing. Bartelt photo.

[youtube id=”cOvPEn_9eeg” width=”620″ height=”360″]



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