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At The Vise: Candy Corn Crawler

The Scoop

The Candy Corn Crawler is a redfish fly that I learned about from tyer and captain, Jesse Males. The pattern can be tied in a lot of different color combinations and used for a lot of different species. It really resembles Borski’s fur shrimp in a lot of ways but has some different design components as well. As Jesse states, “While it was designed for reds, it also works well on snook and seatrout.” I myself have had some luck using it on striped bass on the flats of the Northeast as well as in deeper water bonefish flats where mudding fish are about. It is a simple recipe that requires a few materials and a little patience. Recipe is found below. Thanks Jesse!


Tail: Pseudo Hair

Body: 1.5″ EP Foxy Brush Sand

Body: 1.5″ EP Foxy Brush Orangutan

Legs: Orange Barred Sili Legs

Head: .50″ Wooly Critter Brush

Eyes: Double Pupil Eyes

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