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These flies have traveling legs – looking ‘shrimpy’ and like small baitfish, they attract almost any sub-tropical … tropical flats dweller or backcountry mangrove hugger

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you plan a coastal assault on redfish, anywhere from North Carolina to Louisiana, including the Gulf of Mexico or Everglades National Park, bring a collection of 239 Flies’ Redfish Ratlins and Marsh Critters.

Each shrimp/small baitfish replica well reported as being willfully assaulted by reds in North Carolina and in Louisiana, and the Marsh Critter a snook irresistible in Mexico and Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.

Let it sink – go short and easy on the pull! This is not a search pattern, think site fishing

We think that ‘root beer’ and ‘nappy fibers’ create their own legion of gamefish followers … not limited to the suggested animals aforementioned. Nor is the exact tie or hook size an imperative, but it is a staff favorite as shown because it is easy to tie, can be tied quickly, materials are a minimal cost, and uses for materials left over are unending – no waste.

Basic Recipe / Materials for both flies – Contact 239 Flies to purchase an exact list of material needs. Another good source is SaltwaterFlytyers, but supply them with the listed recipe.

Hook: Daiichi 2546 / 2
Suggested Materials: Cactus Chenille, Polar Fiber, Copper Polar Chenille, Palmer Chenille, EP Senyos Laser Dub Brush, Bead Chain or Dumbell Eyes, Sili Legs
Thread: Root Beer – Dark Red – Black

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