[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a browse through Davie McPhail’s collection of tying videos or just at his finished products and you know instantly that you are in the presence of a master. His Pink Bug is a slick little pattern that can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors. McPhail’s patterns look beautiful and work well.  Check out more of his videos on Youtube.

[youtube id=”cGSjZMJ-9cA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

About Davie McPhail: “With over 30 years’ experience in fly fishing, I have been most fortunate in being able to ‘learn on the job’ and develop many good and productive fishing flies.The videos which I record at home are edited by me and I very much hope you enjoy them. If you do, then I would encourage you to subscribe and you will be kept up to date as and when each new video is posted. Needless to say, all this takes time and quite a bit of high tech equipment to produce to the high standards which I aim to achieve which leads me nicely onto introducing my first official sponsor, Fulling Mill Ltd. Fulling Mill are based in the UK and are one of the leading names when it comes to producing world class fishing flies on a commercial scale. With access to their excellent range of tying materials as well as their much appreciated sponsorship, I look forward to doing more of what I do best and to continuing my work in fly tying through 2016 with renewed vigour. Please visit their website www.fullingmill.co.uk


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