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Old and worn jetty

Old and worn jetty. Envato photo.

A quick tip from the “Assisted Living Anglers Club”

Scientific Anglers Concept Fly Line – Level Floating – L-5-F Yellow. 50-feet – $9 -eBay on 12/25/2021.

For fly anglers pursuing stocked trout sized fish, overstocked sized pond bass [1- to 2-pound], and panfish like bluegill and crappie, buying a level fly line has two advantages:

  1. It’s dirt cheap.
  2. In small streams, it will fish as well as any ‘specialty’ floating fly line type – think short casts.

So, a fly line of any definition, as identified by AFFTA – sized to react admirably with the fly rod you own, a level floating fly line is a good tact. Why? Because a short controllable cast is okay, and it produces a good swing of the fly. Try a new Level Fly Line [L] for about $10/$20. 

There are, of course, even cheaper ways to make an “L” line if you’ve got an old WF floater that matches up with your fly rod but has ‘head’ damage [first 30-feet]; just cut it off there, and voilà, a Level Line. Or, of course, turn it around, and back becomes the front. 

NOTE: Most fly shops personnel will pooh-pooh Level fly lines and will not stock them, for a good reason. But for short casts, mountain streams, and creeks with stocked trout or small native ‘bows,’ a $20 “L” line is perfect.  

Buy Level Fly Lines here . . .

Oirase Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream. Envato photo.



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