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Here’s a knot you have to know how to tie. The Non-Slip Loop Knot

By Skip Clement, publisher

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]few people who know just about all there is to know about tying fly fishing knots, and have always been generous with their time showing me how-to when tying knots, or new knots that work better in the saltwater: Lefty Kreh, Steve Kantner, George Sawley, Andrew Derr, David Olson and a handful of guides I’ve fished with as far away as Iceland, Alaska, New Zealand, Panama and beyond.

A long time ago at a Steve Kantner Presents Seminar, which featured Lefty Kreh and Andy Mill. Lefty had this to say about his long experience with knots, testing them and determining why they break. One reason was jerking the fish – like not bowing the rod to a leaping fish. I’m paraphrasing here but here’s what I recall he said: “. . . the jerk on the wrong end is the one most responsible for most lost fish.”

The second error in tying knots is the most universal error, assuming you’ve tied it correctly and seated it properly, is not tightening it down so that it won’t / can’t slip. And, of course, there’s those that are using the absolutely wrong knots.

With more than a little experience in hiring “professional” fly fishing guides from all around the globe, I never object, or say a word when they summarily snip off my leader and tie a new for me. They do this everyday, they’ve tied more knots than you’ll ever tie in a lifetime and they want you to land the fish. They’re there to give you the “advantage.” This is how they make a living. Would you hire a lawyer and then tell him or her how to proceed unless, of course,  you bought him or her and they’re running for office.


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