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Boating: Small Honda outboards get redesign – aids portable boat anglers

Honda’s small engines, a favorite among anglers with canoes, inflatables, kayaks and small skiffs, just got better. A redesigned BF4, BF5, and BF6 4-stroke engines promise lighter portability, better performance, increased reliability, and new electronic conveniences

La famiglia di potenza, 4, 5, 6. Image Honda Marine.

La famiglia di potenza, 4, 5, 6. Image Honda Marine.


• New Honda BF4, BF5, and BF6 engines are easy to start, compliments of a new decompression mechanism, and easy to stop, with a new one push stop switch
• Internal 1.5-liter fuel tank delivers the longest continuous running time in their class—more than 40 minutes at wide open throttle
• New sleek design, larger carrying handle and fold-down tiller handle make the new Honda BF4, BF5, and BF6 engines easy to carry and easy to store
• All-new motor mounts reduce vibration and engine noise
• New engines with new, consumer-friendly technology at a starting U.S. Manufacturer’s

Honda Marine debuts new engines with the BF4 and BF6 models, and redesigns the legendary BF5 models

Packed with the latest technology from Honda, the 127cc 4-stroke, single cylinder engines offer boaters the choice of four horsepower (BF4), five horsepower (BF5) or six horsepower (BF6). All three new engines are available with either a short (15 inch/38 cm) or long (20 inch/51 cm) shaft.

“The new Honda BF4, BF5, and BF6 engines are easy to start, easy to stop and easy to carry.  The new four-stroke Honda Marine engines are best-in-class performers.  They are the right size for the right purpose,” said Mark DiPietro, Senior Manager, Honda Marine. “The new Honda BF4, BF5 and BF6 marine engines feature a new internal fuel tank and new motor mounts to run quietly and smoothly while delivering the longest continuous running time.”

The new Honda Marine features:


A combination of lightweight (roughly 60 pounds) and new carrying handle design make the Honda BF4, BF5, and BF6 marine engines easy to transport and store. The tiller handle fully folds out of the way, making storage options even more convenient.


The engines integrate a 1.5-liter, large capacity internal fuel tank which delivers the longest continuous running time in their class—more than 40 minutes at wide open throttle. Also, the Honda BF5 and BF6 4-stroke engines can be connected to an external fuel tank for longer journeys. Consumers have the choice of an additional three different propeller options for the style that best fits their boating needs.


Honda Marine’s new BF4, BF5, and BF6 models share the same, proven one-cylinder, 127 cubic centimeter engine block and benefit from Honda’s 4-stroke engine technology expertise. In the case of an oil pressure drop, a new, low oil alert system will automatically limit the engine speed to 2,300 rpm, helping to protect the engine and providing boaters peace of mind.


The new Honda BF4, BF5, and BF6 portable engines feature a host of new technologies and features that consumers will appreciate.

• A new decompression mechanism helps make all three new Honda Marine engines easy to pull start, regardless of the engine temperature. The decompression mechanism opens the exhaust valve during the starting process, which makes the engines easy to start
• One-push stop switch is a segment-first and serves to shut down the engine with no chance of the engine re-starting; (no need to hold a button or switch until the engine stops completely)
• The Honda Marine BF4, BF5, and BF6 portable engines feature redesigned rubber motor mounts that reduce vibration in all rpm ranges and reduce engine noise, offering comfortable cruising
• The BF4, BF5, and BF6 are available with an optional charging system with a capacity of   6 Amps at 12 Volts to power consumer demands for electronic devices on board

The new Honda Marine BF4, BF5, and BF6 4-stroke engines deliver customers portability, performance, reliability, comfort, and value. With a starting U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,875, the BF4 is a compact, lightweight engine with excellent low- to mid-range power. The new Honda BF5 delivers new features and technology at a starting price of $2,025.  The starting U.S. MSRP of the new Honda Marine BF6 is $2,150.

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NOTE: Featured Image is not a Honda Marine small motor engine, but so what. East Cape image of Lostman skiff, angler and a Yellow Lab.

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