My dentist allowed me to borrow his battered waiting room copy of Upriver and Downstream: The Best Fly-Fishing and Angling Adventures. I think he felt guilty after a mishap with novocaine and punishing my left maxillary 1st bicuspid.

Pain-free by mid-afternoon, I went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Ft.                                                       Lauderdale, Umberto’s, grabbed a table, ordered pasta and dove into Upriver and Downstream.

It is not a book that requires attention to a plot – just go anywhere that interests you.


51MUM+NPTALUpriver and Downstream collects seventy columns about fishing – from freshwater to saltwater, from small ponds to the Great Lakes, from the Pacific Northwest to post-Soviet Russia… all previously written for the “Outdoors” column of the New York Times.

Contributing is an impressive list of writers and a Florida guide: Nick Lyons, Thomas McGuane, Nelson Bryant, Peter Kaminsky, Ernest Schweibert, and Robert H. Boyle.

You’ll find the collection to be short, evocative, informative, and entertaining. Pieces about fly-fishing for wild brook trout, bait fishing for striped bass, casting into tailwaters, or angling in midwinter. The settings range from Hudson River piers to the Florida Everglades, from Iceland to the Amazon, and the fish include everything from the common sunfish to the esoteric paddlefish. These engaging essays remind us of what fishing is all about: companionship and solitude, challenge and relaxation, nature and technology, from coast-to-coast to around the globe. Enjoy.

NOTE: Featured Image is Bill Klyn (L) presenting Tom McGuane with the Curt Gowdy Media Memorial Award at 5th Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Symposium. Photo by Pat Ford


It’s still little pricey on first Google, but search a bit and you can get a used copy for under $10. It’s a fun book to keep perched on the breakfast table.

Published April 3rd 2007 by Harmony

NOTE: Original Title Upriver and Downstream: The Best Fly-Fishing and Angling Adventures from the New York Times



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