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Caribou, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA

Caribou, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA

BTT Advisory Council Member Chris Dorsey Releases New Book and Film Set Celebrating the World of Fly Fishing

From one of the world’s most widely traveled fly fishermen and the largest producer of outdoor television in history comes the first of its kind celebration of the planet’s greatest fly angling. Chris Dorsey’s new book and film set, Casting Call, takes readers and viewers to epic fly waters from the American west to Alaska, across Canada, to the fabled flats of the Bahamas and Belize to the jungles, marshes and highlands of South America and many points in between.

“The lucid descriptions of the lands, waters, guides and Dorsey’s own family members keep his book from being the usual self-aggrandizing fare of the angler abroad. It is instead an angler’s celebration,” says author Tom McGuane. “I put his book down with the feeling that I’d been on these wonderful outings with him.”

Dorsey spent more than two decades investigating and chronicling the fishing, people and unforgettable places home to many of the world’s greatest fly fishing expeditions while producing nearly 60 television series. In the process, his teams amassed a library of more than 100,000 hours of HD footage and nearly 150,000 photographs, making Casting Call (the book and film) an unmatched celebration of the world of fly fishing.

The stunning, landscape-format book chronicles angling adventures in numerous countries for scores of marquee species including tarpon; bonefish; permit; rainbow, brown and brook trout; steelhead, Arctic char and dolly varden; peacock bass; golden dorado; giant pike and many more.

Internationally acclaimed photographers Dusan Smetana, R. Valentine Atkinson Marcos Furer, John MacGillivray, Francois Botha and others spent thousands of hours in remote locations to capture a stunning collection of images that help make the 300-page opus an instant classic. Each chapter also features a 10-minute corresponding film shot on location during the creation of Casting Call.

Dorsey’s productions—including Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey airing on Outdoor Channel and in syndication on more than 120 stations coast to coast—are seen across the globe on a variety of networks. Some of those networks include ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, HGTV, DIY, Travel Channel, ESPN, NBC Sports, Oxygen, WGN America, Outdoor Channel and other affiliates across Europe, Asia and South America.

A BTT Advisory Council member, Chris Dorsey is also the author of 11 books on outdoor and natural history subjects and his work has appeared in scores of sporting periodicals across the English speaking world as well as National Geographic, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, Forbes and many others. He’s a member of the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Ray Scott Trailblazer Award as well as BTT’s Curt Gowdy Memorial Award.

Casting Call will be available in two distinctive editions. The hardcover Collector’s Edition along with a companion DVD set (2 hours available for download as well) sells for $85. The Premier Edition of 50, sign and numbered leather-bound and slip-cased books includes the companion DVD set and sells for $175. Each edition is signed by the author.

A bonefish in clear shallow salt water near Havana, Cuba.

A bonefish in clear shallow saltwater near Havana, Cuba.

To order, visit the Sporting Classics store or call toll-free 800-849-1004.

Advance Praise for Casting Call:

“I am an angler who has fished every continent except Antarctica, which I believe qualifies me to say that when I read Chris Dorsey’s Casting Call, it made me feel like I had returned to many of the places I had fished years ago. Chris has the same knack of painting a picture through the written word that Ernest Hemingway possessed and it makes you feel like you are actually there when you read his chapters. If you’re looking for a fascinating and interesting read, Casting Callis a keeper. — Stu Apte, author, Of Winds and Tides

“Anglers have a unique sense of place. We’re called to chase fish in distant waters, and what we take away from the journey is always more than a fish story. It’s also about the adventure, our relationship with nature, and the people and cultures we encounter along the way. In Casting Call, Chris Dorsey shares his own sense of place in a lively atlas of bucket list destinations that entertains and inspires the reader with “I want to be there” stories. And to help ensure that we can one day go and experience them as well, Dorsey has devoted his considerable storytelling talent over the years to the cause of conservation, including our fragile flats ecosystem.” –Jim McDuffie, President and CEO, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

If you are looking for destinations to add to your fly-fishing bucket list there are few people as qualified as Chris Dorsey to be your source.  He’s a top-notch angler and world class film maker, and over the years he has seen many of the destinations that are merely a fantasy to most of us. So if he devoted a chapter to a location in this book you know you can confidently add it to your list. Much more than a guidebook, this is a love story to some of the world’s most amazing places, told in ways that are a joy to read.  — Tom Rosenbauer, author, The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide

 “Chris Dorsey’s excellent book, Casting Call, jolted my memory bank of all the great fish we chase and the spectacular, fragile places they call home. It made me happy and proud to be an angler of the world, and someone like Chris who is relentless in the fight for their survival!” — Andy Mill, author, A Passion for Tarpon


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