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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n the occasion of my birthday last June, a friend sent me a copy of What A Trout Sees: A Fly-Fishing Guide To Life Underwater by Geoff Mueller. Mueller, many of you may know, is a senior editor at the famed Drake Magazine. I finally got around to reading it last week. So here’s my take.

911oakTmeiL._SL1500_The effort put into the book is big and Geoff’s reward may not be in the writing of it or resulting book sales, but more likely living of it in real time. He swam (and fished) in some the best trout waters in America – watching, getting images of trouts in their lairs; learning what they eat and when, what they see, hear, smell and a lot more shared information to make your next trout outing a better one. The take away for any angler-reader is that they’ll definitely know more about their quarry the next time they hit the cold water and your catch stats should go up.

While the information Geoff shares is not on a par with retired Woods Hole (Massachusetts) marine scientist David A. Ross, Ph.D., and his book The Fisherman’s Ocean: How marine science can help you find and catch more fish. Mueller does cover that base pretty well by interviewing folks that had credentialed research capabilities in the Ph.D. league.

Geoff pens words, sentences and paragraphs in a way that makes his book a great and interesting read. What A Trout Sees is put together in a logical way – chapter by chapter.


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Publication Date: 2013-04-02
Pages: 224
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