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Carp Crack, a fly pattern that plays well on gameday

Vimeo Screenshot of Carp Crack.

When I tied Carp Crack, I thought only of carp, however, after looking it over and wanting to give it a go I started using it for other species. I’m glad I did! It has landed me a ton of smallmouth in previous years, it was the top producing pattern on my previous saltwater trip, and I’ve even fished it for trout with success under an indicator!” — Ethan Martin

By Skip Clement

We can’t vouch for the fly as an all seasons winner. The exception, success in a small crappie and largemouth bass Greenway in Georgia where I now live.

As serviceable in the salt or with trouts? No. Anyone at Fly Life hasn’t tested it, but I don’t disbelieve Ethan Martin, the tier, and author of the video, who claims it’s attractive across the spectrum fly.

I like it because it’s easy to tie and Ethan Martin introduces a couple of tying proclivities that I hadn’t thought of but now embrace.

Watch this well organized tying Vimeo by Ethan Martin of TaleTellers Fly Fishing.

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