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A day at fly fishing the seaeashore at sunset

A day’s end fly fishing the sea.

Thinking anew, and there never really was a box in the first place

By Skip Clement

With the introduction of the short, light Henry Fly Rods designed to deliver flies, in any situation, per the big river mechanics of ‘Scandinavian Underhanded Casting’ it is immediately apparent that dispatching flies, large or small, but especially streamers, utilizing the Henry’s recommended delivery of flies, versus conventional overhand casting, made up of false casting and double hauling, is more easily performed with a broader range of positive outcomes in difficult situations except for very short, delicate, or unique needs casts, such as a ‘bow and arrow’ cast and others.

There are hundreds of fly casting videos by pro guides ad-nauseum, tournament casting champion videos we can only watch in awe, rep videos, shop owner videos, and casting videos by legends like Lefty Kreh, Flip Pallot, and others.

It looks easy because it is easy

This spey/switch casting video by Henrik Mortensen, I thought for a long time, was made to look so easy because he’s a world-class athlete, which he may well be, but it is an exceptional teaching tool and not great because he possesses some unique physical characteristics or abilities.

Take your conventional rod of 8-feet, 9-feet – more or less, and adopt Henrik’s casting techniques, and you will be amazed at the outcomes. Be careful not to pressure the rod above its cork. And yes, it works a lot easier with a balanced Henry Fly Rod and Reel.

Watch now . . .


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