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t Learning about strike indicators from the pond up. A flathead cat for supper.

At Walmart, they’re bobbers, but at a trout club, strike indicators

For generations, and in many constructs, these ‘fish on’ indicators are called bobbers. They are made from cork, plastic, wool, bits of yarn, and in some cases even a tool to apply. Strike indicators have taught millions how to fish, learn about fish, fish without a reel, and not learn to swear – necessary to un-snarl fishing line caused by cheap reels or fix a motor that won’t start.

There’s no need to walk around while indicator fishing and possibly get arrested for inadvertent trespass or suspicion of espionage by even-tempered and overweight ‘mounties’

Using a strike indicator/bobber means you can lay down and doze while fishing, sit in a chair and read Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time while angling the day away, dare your friend to eat a worm, discuss annelids, or deliberate on what fly life stage of the hatch would be best to mimic with a fly you tied.

Nothing in the taxanomy of fishing could be more relaxing than bobber fishing on your day off

In most states, you don’t need a license to strike indicator fish if there is no retrieval device, a purposed loophole exemption in the law to help those less monetarily fortunate to fish and eat without associated additional costs.

Learn about Indicators from Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer . . .



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