Recovery Montana Breast Cancer Retreat. Photo CfR.

About CfR

CfR Co-Founders, Gwenn Perkins Bogart and Dr. Benita Walton.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]asting for Recovery (CfR) provides healing outdoor retreats for women with breast cancer, at no cost to the participants. CfR’s retreats offer opportunities for women to find inspiration, discover renewed energy for life, and experience healing connections with other women and nature. The retreats are open to women with breast cancer of all ages, in all stages of treatment and recovery. For over 20 years, women from all walks of life have benefitted from CfR’s inspiring program model.

Why fly fishing and breast cancer?

Our healing program is unique! For women who have had surgery or radiation as part of their breast cancer treatment, the gentle motion of fly casting can be good physical therapy for increasing mobility in the arm and upper body. Couple that with the emotional benefits of connecting with nature, and you’ve got powerful medicine. Our retreats are unconventional and described by many women as life-changing.


Casting for Recovery was founded in 1996 in Manchester, Vermont, by a breast reconstruction surgeon and a professional fly fisher. Awarded 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 1998, Casting for Recovery’s innovative program focuses on improving quality of life for women with breast cancer, and has garnered endorsements from medical and psychosocial experts nationwide.

Fast Facts

  • Casting for Recovery provides free fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer
  • 70% of the women who attend Casting for Recovery retreats have never been to a support group
  • CfR currently offers 60 retreats across the country, serving 800+ women each year. To date 8,000+ women have been served
  • CfR relies on the support of more than 1,600 volunteers nationwide, including medical and psychosocial professionals, fly fishing instructors and alumnae
  • National sponsors include Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Stevinson Automotive, Sage, Simms, Ashford Hospitality Trust and Orvis, River’s Edge Fly Shop, and Pfizer.
  • CfR has international program partners in Canada, UK/Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

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