Flats striper. Capt. Andrew Derr photo.

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By Skip Clement

One of the top fishing guides in eastern Long Island, New York, is Capt. Andrew Derr. In an interview yesterday, he said flats season is almost here and when pressed for some insight about flies – asking in particular, one he ties and says is primary in his choices for the flats season? See below.

The flats fishing on Long Island, New York, is relatively short because it’s seasonal, and those that succeed need two things, an excellent guide and being able to cast right now, accurately, and listen to the captain talk you into hook up or best shot. Remember, he wants you to catch that striper of blue, or whatever rolls. And he’s got a vantage point from a poling platform that significantly improves visually.

Four eyes are better than two, especially when two of them do what you’re doing every day and for decades… if you’ve decided to get the best like Derr.

You can self-tie or get a dozen of the Race Point Flatwing from Derr [they’re better]:

The captain’s day off. Striper – Capt. Andrew Derr.

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Phone – 212-495-9062

Here’s that fly tip I was able to get from registered guide Capt. Andrew Derr. Click here . . .


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