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The 14th Invitational Islamorada Sailfly Championship is set for January 8 & 9, 2014

Photo courtesy of Florida Keys Outfitters.

Photo courtesy of Florida Keys Outfitters.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his invitational tournament is an all release team event using 16-pound class (8kg) tippet supplied by the tournament. Each team is allowed two anglers who may cast, hook and fight the fish and anyone on board can tease the fish with live or dead hookless teasers making the “bait and switch.” A release is accomplished when the connection of fly line to leader is brought into the tiptop of the fly rod. If that occurs in more than 60 seconds after hook up, then 50 points are earned. Leaders must be less than 12 feet in length. If the fish is subsequently billed and the fly retrieved, the catch then counts for 150 points.

This tournament is limited to 20 teams and is ideal for the seasoned veteran of saltwater fly fishing. There is currently a waiting list, but openings do occur.


Contact: Sandy at for further information.

Website: Florida Keys Outfitter click here […]


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