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Fly Tying: DIY dubbing brushes

By Andrew Derr

Dubbing loops and dubbing brushes are really great techniques to incorporate into your fly tying bag of tricks. Dubbing loops are easy to make while tying the fly. Dubbing brushes must be purchased or made prior to starting your tie. You can make dubbing brushes using a dubbing brush machine or by using the following instructions and a few simple tools you probably already possess. If you fall hard for the brushes, you may want to get a machine, but this technique will help you dip your beak into the excellent world of dubbing brushes.

DIY dubbing brush on the cheap…

This technique can be daunting at first but with a little experience, you will start to really enjoy using dubbing loops and dubbing brushes. I have found them invaluable for tying streamers heads and crab flies and I am still discovering new applications for them as well. The dubbing you choose can vary widely and include a myriad of synthetic fibers, rubber legs, natural under-furs and so on. There is really no limit to your options when it comes to choosing what goes into your loops and brushes.

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