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A look down (redfish) or look up (bass) game fish will hit a Clouser

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ob Clouser has a thriving fly shop in eastern Pennsylvania (Middletown). Its original measure was catering to anglers fishing the Susquehanna River’s abundant source of smallmouth bass. Politicians, allied with developers and look the other way to unchecked farm runoff saw to it that the Susquehanna became fishless.  Fortunately, it is coming back, but not thanks to politicians. Think concerned citizens.

During his service as a guide / shop owner, when it was a reliable source of fish, he developed a fly which has become a universal success. It catches just about everything that swims in fresh or saltwater.

Here is a recipe:

Hook: Any size if tied on a hook. If a tube fly a small hook will advatage an eat.
Thread: Match the color of fly.
Eyes: Molded or machined hourglass eye
Body: White or light colored bucktail.
Flash: 3- or 4-strands, tied and folded back.
Under B: A darker color of bucktail – chartreues, olive, brown, etc.

Watch Bob tie his fly.

[youtube id=”k0gX83J1Kvg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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