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Photo credit Post Register Newspaper, Idaho Falls, ID.

When it comes to fly tying, some protect tender psyches by claiming that the fish don’t care about whatever we disregard. So, we substitute materials poorly, skip a step or two, and disregard maneuvers we are poor at performing.

Karsten Neben, a New Zealander, is a gifted teacher and delivers generally avoided details. Details that a few self-called advanced tyers seem not to know about things like the thread treatment found in the Neben video below. Or, for some reason, consider mentioning it as meaningless when taping their YouTube tying videos.

And it is, of course, Neben’s mention of small details that can make a difference between fishing and catching fish. Being a good fly tyer is to observe minutia, and such information , and master dealing with it as Karsten Neben does.

The fly shown is not ‘exactly’ the point of the video

But the management of materials and especially the thread is worth your time to watch – genuinely worth your time.


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