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Torrey Postlewaite, Londoner, visited our fly tying group and spoke about threads

By Skip Clement

As a noted fly tyer, according to Angie, Torrey spoke on the value of using GPS thread vs. the most popular tying thread, nylon. Since I was already on board with GPS, it was interesting to hear the grumbling of fellow tyers about what to do with their nylon inventory and other attempts to protect their lesser-valued inventory of nylon thread.

The latter is a complication suffered with any change

However, a change to gel-spun has meant it is impossible to go back to nylon. Why? Because GPS is near impossible to break in normal tying. It’s the smaller size of 50 strands [GPS (gel-spun) is measured in 50, 100, 200 stands] allows for tying small dry flies with thread smaller than nylon, much stronger than nylon and fewer wraps are needed, two instead of three or more securing turns. And no bulk-hump buildup. Then, too, it makes for a great head because it’s naturally shiny.

Saltwater flies tied with gel spun is an assurance of longer-lasting flies tied with less bulk, fewer wraps, and in the long run, less cost if measured against nylon usage

Here’s an explanation brought to our attention by Mr. Postlewaite. If you tie and have 6-minutes, you will be tempted to go gel-spun, especially when the video mentor is Kelly Galloup . . .


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