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Living maguey worms on their leaf, found at the XXXVIII Gastronomical fair of Santiago de Anaya, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Photo credit MCGau, a commons image. This worm is like thousands in shape ribbing and color.

The Magic of Antron

If it’s worms or leeches, I’m on it. They catch Mo Betta for me, so; I stick with winners. This worms advantage is the seemingly wasted tinsel buried under the Antron during the beginning tie-in revealed when wetted out with UV light curing. We tend to forget the Antron is not opaque but translucent.

Also, the fly is easy to tie, and for some reason, fun to tie. You can whip up a dozen trout meals in as little as 15 minutes – if your an organized materials engineer type. I’m not, so I was about 40 minutes – sit to stand.


Thread: Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0 Beige and Uni 6/0 White [CHOOSE]

Hook: Hanák H360BL [#12 NYMPH / PUPA]

Underbody: Holo Gold Tinsel Medium

Body: Antron Yarn Cream

Dubbing: March Brown Hare’s Ear

Play video here . . .


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