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Pink Saltwater Shrimp Fly by Ruben Martin.

From the marshes of the Atlantic coast to the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of Texas, redfish [Sciaenops ocellatus] are lining up to come into warming waters and gorge on mud-free crabs, worms, leeches, a new year class of shrimps, and a myriad of baitfish huddled with their masses in the marsh flowering of springtime.

Here are a few flies we decided will catch you fish. A for sure on the Martin fly as its been battlefield tested in Georgia’s Saint Simons Island and nearby abundant marshes. But, all flies need to be swum correctly and in the right water column or on the surface.

Both flies are not exactly passively fished, but occasional “notice me” tugs measurable in a few inches – max, will work. An incoming tide is perfect.

The “Wiggler” fly is vouched or by our Angie Roth’s (conservation contributor) Texas friend, Bailey Goldman and a her small army of believers.

Ruben Martin’s Pink Saltwater Shrimp fly . . .

Redfish Wiggler by Chris Seiss’ fly . . .

NOTE: D-Day: D-day was the largest amphibious invasion in history, with more than 4,000 ships, 11,000 warplanes and 156,000 Allied troops. More than 4,400 Allied troops died that day.


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