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Illustration by Thom Glace – rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout. Used with permission.

Another gem from Argentine Master Tyer, Ruben Martin

The advantages of tube flies are apparent, and tying this Zonker Bait by Ruben Martin should not be kept from you as a viable option for freshwater or saltwater outings.

The fly is well suited for easy tying and modifications of both size and color, and since it is a tube fly, choices of hook sizes are again ‘dealers’ option, as well as how to swim the fly, free or fixed in the tube or junction tubing.

Thom Glace, the award-winning watercolorist’s commissioned striper, is one of the best illustrations. One of the absolute best flats guide for spring stripers is Capt. Andrew Derr, Greenport, NY, check out his schedule/make contact/website . . .


Tube: Flexitube Protube.
Thread: UNI 8/0 or 6/0.
Wing: Zonker strips.
Weight: Alambre de plomo, grueso [lead wire, thick].
Body: Flexi braid tubing.

Choose substitutes for these . . .

  1. Eyes: Epoxy 3D
  2. Head: Poxipol [two-component epoxy adhesive (glue)].


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