Zonker Tube Baitfish fly by any other name would smell as sweet to a trout, striper, largemouth bass, snook or anything that swims and calls itself a game fish

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]uben Martin’s Zonker Tube Bait is an all seasons fly that works for folks using spinning gear, and baitcasting rigs, as well as it does as a fly tied to your tippet. If you don’t have a dozen in your possession when the Sports Fishing Police check your papers – uh oh!

Most of Martin’s flies are popular with our editors and contributors because they meet two standards we all agree on as must have. One, they catch and two, they can be tied by folks who do not tie publically – just for self-use. Well, almost true, our owner ties for others’ consumption, he’s a professional guide, but he for sure does not like complicated flies.

Martin’s flies are gorgeous, but he can’t help that. He’s got the dexterity of a fine jeweler. Our staff is more dexterity aligned with rough-in framing help.

So, why this zonker on a tube?

It catches fish, and it’s easy to tie.

Tying on a tube allows hook changeouts, swim changes (hook up – hook down), tube flies don’t usually get mangled and therefore last longer – a long time. And this fly meets requirements.

Ruben Martin’s website . . . 


Tube: Flexitube or other brands

Thread: 8/0 – 6/0 – choose

Wing: Zonker strips

Weight: Round lead free Wire – .015, .020, .025. .030 and .040

Body: Flexi braid tubing

Eyes: Epoxy 3D

Head: Poxipol – transparent epoxy glue

NOTE: There are many ways to vary how this fly can be swum (wounded fish, jigged, hook up, hook down) and tied – think colors, size, hook size, and weight. 

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