[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter 25 years of fly fishing the salt in South Florida, matriculating to the Atlanta area meant relearning fresh water tactics and acquiring all the accoutrements attendant to that.

Large on my list of failings at last years late season emmersions were what went on my body. Namely footwear, waders and a vest. I had non of those items so I was either cold and dirty, hot and dirty and always with banged up feet and ankles and never able to locate pocketed items in the heat of a looming battle: line clip, spool, the right fly and on and on.

Screenshot 2016-03-10 08.18.15This winter I embarked on fitting trips to local fly shops to dress myself in wading boots, waders and a vest. Everything was easy except the waders

In the Atlanta and North Georgia there are lots of fly shops as well as big box stores like Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain.

Since I was no longer willing to attempt deep water crossings or be threatened by tailwater discharges, I was not looking for “bib” style chest waders. I wanted waist waders, and that was a problem. It seems the designers of waist fitting waders are all fit, slim and in their early twenties. For me to keep waist anchored waders in-place, for many of the models I tried on, meant one hand dedicated to holding my pants up. What, no suspenders? Nope.

Making my day was Redington’s SonicDry Wading Pants: a waist band wader which also came with suspenders.

These waders have issues as do all waders. My Redington’s look great while walking around, but bending has limits as in binding. The velcro wait belt also needs some adjusting.

NOTE: Featured Image by The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop – www.missoulianangler.com

MSRP: Under $300


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