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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ymph fishing was frustrating, and I used to avoid going down that “rabbit hole,”  but as my friend and oft angling partner, Angie Roth points out it is very productive rigged correctly, especially so if done the easy way.

She uses the system shown in the following George Daniel video, which, when inherited, takes “bollocksed” entirely out of the equation

All you need to know is what you already know, the Clinch Knot, and the Surgeons Knot and no need for umpteen different pound test tippet materials for the dropper fly or flies.

Easy rig.

Finding an online video about “How to Setup a Dropper Rig” was easy, but mind-boggling because there are so many unnecessarily complicated – many impossible to even see the tippets or flies, too many unduly verbose, or its author’s command of English so presidential they are the future of a coming Idiocracy.


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