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Jason Sparks, founder of the Tenkara Jam.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he first Tenkara Jam event was held in North Carolina in 2013. It was so successful that “Play it Again Sam” rang through the ranks and with Jason Sparks, founder of the Tenkara Jam.

New successes

In the following years, “Jamville” was Foscoe, North Carolina in 2014; Hunt Valley, Maryland in 2015, and Cherokee, North Carolina in 2016.

What’s in it for you?

Everything you ever wanted to know about fly fishing the Tenkara way. Everything you ever wanted to know about tying Tenkara style flies.

You can meet “everybody” who is anybody in Tenkara, and they’ll gladly share with you.

You’ll hear speakers who will touch on every aspect of the art of Tenkara fly fishing.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to fly fish the Tenkara way!

Daniel Galhardo is the founder of Tenkara USA and is credited with bringing Tenkara to the western world from its ancient birthplace in Japan.

Can I cast a Tenkara fly rod?

You’ll not only learn how to cast a Tenkara fly, but you’ll learn how to present a Tenkara style fly. Yes, it is different.

The best thing about learning Tenkara style fly fishing is that no matter who you are, no matter you’ve never even fished before, or fly fished before – you’ll walk away from this Tenkara Jam an able bodied Tenkara angler capable of catching fish.

You’ll become familiar with Tenkara history, Sakasa Kebari history; line options and knots (level line to Lillian, tippet to level line or Furled line, and fly to tippet), big fish wrangling, fishing warm water species, cold water species, and lots, lots more.

Can I buy a fly rod and all the equipment I’ll need at the Jam?

Yes, “every” Tenkara vendor will be there, and they all know how to fly fish the Tenkara  way, and they will all be able to help you make the “right” decisions.

Most importantly, it’s soo, so affordable.

To get all the information go HERE . . .

NOTE: Featured Image Tenkara angler coutesy of TenkaraUSA.



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