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Industry News: Native Fish Coalition’s national newsletter winter 2020

Native Fish Coalition at the 2020 fly fishing show in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Getting the Native Fish Message Out…

By Bob Mallard / National Vice Chair / February 2020

As always, I’d like to start by thanking you for your ongoing support.  Without the support of people like you we could not do what we do.  The “native fish” message is being heard and embraced by the masses like never before as it is clean and without conflict or contradiction.  Below I have outlined some of what Native Fish Coalition has been up to since the last time we reached out to you.  Detailed project information and status updates can be found on our website and Facebook page.  If you would like to join click here.  If you would like to donate click here.  Thank you again for your support. 

The Message

Late fall brings the end of fishing season and the beginning of presentation season.  During this time, late fall to early spring, NFC seizes every opportunity we can to get the “native fish” message out there.

From TU chapters, to rod and gun clubs, to fishing groups, to conservation organizations, to retail stores, NFC leaves no stone unturned in regard to reaching out to the masses to educate and inform them on the subject of native fish.  We focus on biology, history, conservation, the threats to native fish, and what we can do to preserve and restore them where possible.

NFC just wrapped up a 12-day tour where we attended two 3-day fly fishing shows in Marlborough,Massachusetts and Edison, New Jersey, and spoke to three TU chapters in MassachusettsRhode Island, and New Jersey.  In addition to manning our booth for six full days, we did eleven presentations in eleven days.  We presented on Maine’s State Heritage Fish Waters, brook trout, and Maine’s rare Arctic charr.

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