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IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (February 1, 2021) RIO Products, manufacturer of world class fly lines, leaders, tippet material, and flies, is delighted to announce the launch of a range of Skagit Shooting Heads, designed for the Spey angler, and built with SlickCast.

RIO’s new Elite series of Skagit heads comprise of two different head designs – the Skagit Max Launch, and Skagit Max Power. Skagit Max Launch heads have a sophisticated body and taper shape designed for long flight times for maximum distance, and to cast large flies and sinking tips more elegantly than ever before. The unique weight distribution deeply loads rods for effortless casting strokes, while the whole head design has been created to perfectly transition energy from head to tip to fly.

Skagit Max Power heads are designed for casting the largest flies and the heaviest sinking tips with exceptional ease. These heads are not as long as Skagit Max Launch heads, and as a result are perfect for fishing in really tight quarters, or with shorter Spey rods, and are the easiest casting Skagit heads ever designed. Built with a powerful front taper, and more mass at the front than the Max Launch, these heads will turn over the heaviest steelhead flies and fastest sinking tips that any winter steelhead angler will ever need to fish.

Elite Skagit heads feature RIO’s SlickCast, which creates the slickest, most durable fly lines on the market, with the lowest amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. In addition, these heads are built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for incredible levels of sensitivity when casting and fishing, and to provide enhanced detection of takes, more positive hook sets, and far greater control when playing a fish.

About RIO Products:

RIO is a pioneer in developing fly lines, leaders, tippet materials and flies to enhance fly fishing experiences across the globe. Offering premium fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications, RIO consistently utilizes field experience and scientific testing to create the best products on the market for anglers. Founded 20 years ago in the mountains of Idaho, RIO continues to develop innovative products, design revolutionary tapers and refine performance-driven fly line technologies.

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