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RS-2 Emerger.

This fly is the RS-2 Emerger, it’s easy to tie. Sized right, color right, swum right, it always [so far] has an excellent ROI

By Cory at AVIDMAX

A different name calls this one if you drive around the block and show it to the lady in a blue dress.

Avidmax’s Cory is a new tyer for me, but he has a fisher understanding of his ties, and a no BS delivery in his explanations – refreshing.

This fly is best served in the dark gray/charcoal/black with #18 down eyes 1X heavy at 1.5 wide, but a guide friend says dark brown is good.

What’s it supposed to be?

The Foam Wing Emerger was invented in the early 1990’s by John Tavenner, a guide on the San Juan River. According to Tavenner the Foam Wing Emerger is an excellent imitation for emerging blue-winged olives and Tricos in sizes 20-24. In larger sizes 16-18, they work well for emerging pale morning duns and red quills.

The abdomen is thin and sparse, either with dubbing or a thread body counter ribbed with copper wire.

NOTE: The copper wire accent is popular, but I have no outcome experience with it.

A few Alternatives:

Wing – The emerging wing can be made of 2 mm closed-cell foam.

Tail – Two strains of clear white fluoro fibers

Featured Image from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Timeline – a commons image. 


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