[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ike the mousetrap, the Boga-Grip is a near perfect design and needs no improvement. Until they figure out how to make floating metal, I’d say that the Boga is as fine tuned a design as they come. I have been using this tool for well over a decade and find it an invaluable item to keep on my boat. I am on my second Boga-Grip only because I sunk one to the bottom of the ocean. I now keep a shark float tethered to it for it’s obvious buoyant properties. Or better yet, buy the BogaFloat for another $15-$20.

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Useful tool…

Tons of companies have attempted to build a better Boga and frankly, nothing comes close to performing as well. Many have tried, nobody has succeeded. The boga-grip is machined beautifully out of stainless steel and will not rust. An occasional lubrication is the only maintenance I have ever performed and mine still works like a swiss watch. In fact, I bet if I could find the one I sunk in the Atlantic, a few drops of oil would get her into fighting shape as well.

The Boga-Grip is great for handling fish, weighing fish and keeping toothy critters at a safe distance while taking a quick photo. What other fish handling devices are certifiable by the IGFA? That just speaks volumes about this device, as the IGFA is known for being sticklers on all the details of their record keeping. I would recommend going to your local tackle shop and handling one of these devices if you are on the fence or frightened by the price tag ($124.95-$294.95 depending on size). Once you inspect it, you will note that is is a beautiful piece of American craftsmanship that is well worth every cent of it’s retail price.

The Boga-Grip is a no brainer…

Considerable digital risk with gorilla bluefish without the Boga-Grip on board. (Photo by A. Derr)

Considerable digital risk with gorilla bluefish without the Boga-Grip on board. (Photo by A. Derr)

Boga-Grip comes in 15-pound and 30-pound models. Each Boga-Grip scale is calibrated to ensure accuracy within one increment. You can send your Boga-Grip to the IGFA (954-927-2628) to have it certified for world-record catches.


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