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echo-sr-2-1[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ishing gear addiction (reels, rods and gadgets) is part of the charge for many fly anglers, and here at Fly Life we’re of that mind set. The best of it is that as a qualified reviewers of “gear” we get to test lots of great (and not so great) fly fishing ‘stuff’. We never write a report on gear that is less than stellar. “If you can’t say anything nice,” my father used to say, “don’t say anything at all.”

echo-sr-3Oddly, today’s Monday Gear Review came serendipitously. As new converts to the benefits of switch rodding, we were delighted to give a friends new ECHO SR Switch Rod, 4-weight a test drive on Lake Okeechobee. Although fishing from a boat, we purposely gave Spey casting, one hand and two hand as well as overhead casting a go. We couldn’t find a flaw. Getting out to the near 100-foot range was not a huge effort and roll casting to 50-plus feet not a problem either, and any Spey cast doable with this sweet stick. In a Spey mode it’s quickly noted that the action is crisp and the power of the ECHO SR rod maintains a load during any cast – much better than other rods we’ve tested with advertised fast action.

echo-sr-5The rod

The olive, matte finish on the rod is uniquely handsome and everything from the reel’s seat (anodized aluminum), hard chrome single foot guides and a the cork handle has rubberized composite ends, which adds to durability and provides an attractive accent, making the ECHO SR a beauty. The alignment dots aid in for quick assembly.

Oh, and no one is near them on price – quality.

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Button Text Button Text Button Text [highlight color=”black”]…[/highlight]Compact upper handle design with composite upper end

[highlight color=”black”]…[/highlight]Black anodized aluminum reel seat

[highlight color=”black”]…[/highlight]Matt pale olive blank

[highlight color=”black”]…[/highlight]Hard chrome snake guides

[highlight color=”black”]…[/highlight]Olive cordura case

[highlight color=”black”]…[/highlight]40″ fish hero mark – you know you dream about it

Tim (Rajeff) put a lot of know-how into these rods, and it shows.

For grain and line information, check out tech sheet.


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Vancouver, WA 98665

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