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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ver the course of time we’ve probably all regretted not carrying a travel fly rod while hiking, driving or flying on business. That is, of course, a fly rod with more than four pieces. Something you could literally stick in your back pocket, brief case (without the hard rod case), under the seat in your car or in your carry-on luggage.


The rod tube case is graphite with a cloth sleeve. Imported.

In years past, we didn’t have the luxury of today’s quality travel rods. Not too long ago, travel rods were heavy, stiff and you couldn’t roll cast them or drop a fly in close with any accuracy, and they were easy to break at the ferrules. Today, that’s not the case. Better ferrule design features and stronger and lighter materials have made all the difference. Regarding the  ferrules – the tip-over-butt ferrules transfer energy better and also decrease the rod weight.

Tom, a friend from the past was in town so he gave me a holler and I invited him over for drinks. Both Tom and I are connected through fly fishing in Pennsylvania and a few Canada fishing trips. Tom said he just bought an L. L. Bean travel rod and wanted to know what I thought of it. So we headed off to a nearby park and here’s what went down.


Everything about the 5-weight Double L® Classic Travel Series Fly Rod that we tested was first class.

Casting Tom’s 5-weight was a surprise – hitting 70 feet was unexpectedly easy, and on the first go using a single haul. The action was medium-fast with a nice speedy tip – making for nice, accurate as well as short pocket casts. Casts which are so demanding when trout fishing small, cold-water streams en el norte.

I expected a double haul cast to show the rods weakness, but not so at all. It weathered my pushing it without a whimper. Many multi-sectioned travel rods lose their mojo when being double hauled.

The rod loaded evenly and smoothly with a good balance between a speedy tip and strong butt section.

The Double L® Classic Travel Series Fly Rod is an 8-piece, 9-foot fly rod that is available a 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-weight. The guides are stainless steel snake – possibly the only multi-piece travel rod having that feature. The spacers are burled hardwood (L. L. Bean’s Fly Shop gurus didn’t know what kind of hardwood) the reel seats are up locking and anodized aluminum – so a salt outing means no harm, no foul.


$250 for the 5-weight and to $275 for the 9-weight with FREE shipping

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Call L. L Bean customer service: 800-­441-5713



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